Terms Of Use


#1 TV News Stations & Weather Stations have rights to use our Still shots and Live Streams for ON AIR BROADCASTING under the following rules.

#2 Foreign Website may use our SNAPSHOTS current.jpg on their sites under the following rules.

#3 Foreign Websites must get permission to use LIVE STREAMS owned by ColoradoWebCam on their sites.  Stream use licenses are billed annually by webcam.

#4 Any Snapshot or Stream used must not block out or overlay graphics over any watermarks or title bars.  Overlays are allowed, but they must not block out our branding on title bar and watermark logos.

#5 CLEAR BACKLINKING to www.coloradowebcam.net must be coded into websites that use our streams or still shots.  This is why we share the images, for the backlinking.

#6 You cannot remove, retouch, or archive any images or streams from coloradowebcam server without permission. This includes copy of our images to build time lapse.  TV News and Weather Stations have rights to use streams and still shots, and move them for production purposes.

#7 Any site using ColoradoWebCam streams on their websites must put in a timer and disconnect viewing of the streams to keep data use in check.  Timer can be up to 10 min viewing time MAX.

#8 ColoradoWebCam is actively building our Network, we are looking for quality sites with good internet and good view that see the value of our development.  Contact us at (970) 379 4094 to discuss projects.

Terms of Use of www.coloradowebcam current snapshots. And streams More.

  1. Snap shots are available to use on your websites under the following conditions.
  1. Clear back-linking to Coloradowebcam.net Landing page.
  2. Must place Colordowebcam Graphic banner see this link for current graphic or request a graphic specific size
  3. .BACKLIINK   
  4. If there is a SPONSOR write-up on the webcam, you must provide clear back linking to the Sponsor Site Hosting the Webcam as well.  Can be found on final landing page of specific webcam.  For Example Centennial WY – The Mountain View Hotel, Aspen Cams – The Aspen Square Hotel, Electric Mountain Cams – Electric Mountain Lodge, Some cams do not have Sponsors, in that case no need to backlink a sponsor.
  5. It is not permitted to move or copy any the Images off the ColoradoWebCam Servers.
  6. It is not permitted to reproduce or publish the images outside of showing the current snapshot live view.
  1. Use of the Live Stream is not permitted unless authorized to do so.  Contact us to get a lease of stream and pricing to stream on your website or digital signage.
  2. We do provide free access to the streams for any News Station and Weather Outlet for live productions on TV or Live Broadcasted Media.  We encourage all the news agencies to use our resources and build a working relationship with us.  If you are a Media News company contact us to get tools to integrate our cams.
  3. We do publish our live webcams on your Facebook Live Stream free of charge.  Contact us to take advantage of this free service to setup authorization.  When authorization is setup we will publish free of charge to your social network on appointment or when a channel is available.
  4.  Our Paid Services are Camera Streaming on Your Website, Facebook Live Streaming, YouTube Channel Live Streaming, Cloud Video Surveillance of the stream for 30 days, Static Ads on our Streams for Marketing.
  5. We deploy live webcam systems free of charge to the Host site and provide them with free Marketing.  We pay for and deploy the cams and support them.  We use the power and internet of the host site and in turn provide them with free marketing.  Use of the stream is not part of the free service, they can use the still shot under our terms.  We own all the systems and hardware.
  6. We do deploy webcams for sites that want to develop and own their own systems.  In this case we still require the streams if public view, be allowed to stream on Coloradowebcam.net.  We will install and support the system, build the streaming and help them with publication.  They will own the equipment and we will bill them for support and streaming annually.  They will pay for the hardware and Primary Install of the system on a parts and hourly basis.  Again we still have rights to stream these cams on our site if they are considered public view.  Streaming them on our site is an advantage to them in getting more exposure.
  7. Our paid streaming services are annual, we do not turn on an off the streams per customers request, they are 7/24 and renewed annually.

Colorado Webcams by Colorado Web Cam Live Colorado Web Cam Streams in Aspen, Snowmass, Basalt, El-Jebel, Carbondale, RVR, Aspen Glen, Roaring Fork Valley, Redstone, Marble, Cattle Creek, Glenwood Springs, Glenwood Wave Park, New Castle, Rifle, Edwards, Avon, Beaver Creek, Crestone (near Alamosa), Weston (near Trinidad), Centennial Wyoming, Idaho Springs, Georgetown, Meeker, Dinosaur, and more.

We Produce Colorado Web Cams, Colorado Webcams, Colorado Web Cam.  With 55+ cameras deployed in Colorado, we have some of the best quality Colorado Web Cams owned and operated for free view at our site www.coloradowebcam.net.  Our streams update up to 30 times per second for the most current Colorado weather.

Live Webcams produced by ColoradoWebCam.Net.  These are Colorado Based Live Web Cams.

Our topics are Mountains, Rivers, Kayak Parks, Ski Areas, Traffic, Airports, Trains, Ocean, Lakes, and Nature & Wildlife, Trains, Traffic and Weather.  We are always looking for new sites and topics.

We are working hard to expand the Camera Network.  If you have a good view you want to share, we are interested in deploying a camera there.  We require Internet at the Host sit and Power.

Enjoy all the live Colorado Webcams produced by ColoradoWebCam.NET.  We want to produce more webcams for exclusive high definition high speed live views in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, California, Idaho, and anywhere we can find a good host site.  Our focus is Colorado Web Cams Colorado Webcams Colorado Webcam.

Our streams are sometimes featured on Denver CBS 4, Denver NBC News 9, and Denver ABC 7.