Troubleshooting ColoradoWebCam.Net

New Version of ColoradoWebCam 8/1/2021 Help

New version has extra features if you log in and create an account.  Top Right LOGIN and Create your account.

New version has a MY CAM LIST you can load with your favorite webcams.

New version will allow you to change the order of your MY CAM LIST webcams.

New version has a Premium Quick Play button on the List Pages to get to the live streams quickly.

New version has a PAID user version with NO ADS.

New version has expanded CDOT routes.

New version has Featured CDOT webcams in our main camera lists for mountain passes, state border, and key featured cams.



Get to know your webcam groups.  They are TYPES and LOCATIONS.

Webcams are divided into TYPE Groups.

Webcams are divided into LOCATION Groups.

Each Group TYPE or LOCATION will give you a LIST PAGE of cams in that Group.

Each Webcam has a FINAL LANDING PAGE with more complete detailed information, a current snapshot, a LIVE WEBCAM PLAYER, a best of picture gallery, weather links, time lapse player, and more detailed information about that camera and location.

On the final landing page you will see TYPES and LOCATIONS for this camera that can be used to navigate back to the list pages you are focusing on.  Look for them under the Live Player.  You will also see a group of similar webcams to chose from randomly produced.

ColoradoWebCam.Net loads slowly & cams say “Broadcast is currently offline”

Remember each default page is loading 50 high definition images, and if your internet is slow, the ColoradoWebCam.Net will load slowly as well. The website will perform better when the internet is fast. The fact is that the streaming portion of the website, where you view the cameras live stream, requires both sides to have good internet. In many cases if the local internet at the view site is not fast enough to stream, the camera will report “Broadcast is currently offline”, even though it is working correctly for other viewers with better internet. The view site and the stream server must be able to negotiate a high enough speed to stream. You will be able to stream from your cell phone when a data link can be established.

The normal process for will quickly load the page and ads. The final page to come up on detail pages is the LIVE STREAM. Once the live stream is loaded and playing, that is assuming there is a live stream for that webcam, the page should be complete and loaded. There have been reported pages not completely loading and messages like “waiting for secure connection, “waiting for” and seems a lot of stalling on the ads, or some interactivity between the ads and the computer. What I found after looking into this deeper is the problem is the LOCAL PC. The local pc has malware loaded that is interfering with the google ads. I did fix the problem doing the following.

Sometimes if you know you do not have malware you can just RESET your browser under settings - advanced - reset (bottom of the list) After that you can restore you home pages and should be ready to go.

  1. Loaded Free version of MaleWareBytes. I used the FREE version.
    This link should work
  2. Run the MaleWareBytes and quarantine any found malware.
  3. Reboot, and go to Explorer, or Chrome, or Firefox and go to Settings, Advanced, RESET to Original Settings.
  4. Test the operation of and see a much quicker response and no stalls.


Sometimes the browser will not load the new snapshot and show a Cached older image.

On your browser you need to Clear Your Cache of downloaded images, then Refresh the webpage.

This depends on the Device you use and the Operating System and the Browser you use.

With a windows pc using chrome.

Try CNTRL/SHIFT/DELETE - Select CACHED IMAGES AND FILES and CLEAR DATA.  There are options to clear cookies and browser history if you want, but the Images and Files is what we need.

After Clearing the Data REFRESH your Website Page to see the correct current pictures.  


ColoradoWebCam.Net INFO

Currently Colorado Web Cam is featuring Web Cameras in Colorado produced by us. As of winter 2018 we have about 45 produced Camera Streams. We also have a partner in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho area based out of Jackson. His cameras have fantastic views and are available on our platform. We have also added many CDOT routes for a quick snap shot of common trips like Blackhawk, I70, 285, and we will add more as we develop more. Our primary focus is adding more cameras in Colorado and any good views anywhere.

We have spent a lot of time trying to build a quick functioning site that can make getting to the right cameras easily. We have two Categories. We have Locations, and we have Types. Locations like Aspen, Snowmass, Carbondale, Glenwood Springs, Edwards, Beaver Creek, Rifle, and New Castle. Types like, River, Mountain, Star Gazing UFO Watching, Ski, Train, and more. You start with a Group View listing large thumbs of the current camera snap shots. When you click on the single webcam view, you get that detail page.

The detail page is the guts of the coloradowebcam viewer. On the top you will get the TITLE under that is the Live Stream. The Live Webcam Stream will be the last thing to load, and may take a few seconds to populate. The first thing that will populate is the CURRENT view image. Under that is the button to see in full resolution. Then will be a list of Camera Types and Camera Locations to get back to the other camera lists you also want to view. We provide next some text to describe the camera details. Each Camera has a GEO MAP google maps location. There is more information links on RADAR, More Weather, Time Lapse, Satellite, Air Quality links, Wild Fire Links. Under that is the Weather Underground Forecast. The More Weather button goes to NOAA. In Crestone it goes to the local weather monitor in Crestone He is the weather monitor in Crestone for the NOAA. Finally we list a list of similar web cameras on our network.

On the live stream many have audio, so turn up your volume to hear. Also on the stream mouse over the lower right hand corner click the [ ] box to make the stream go full screen. Stream resolution may very site to site. Cameras have 3 stream resolutions depending on how much upload speed we can acquire at the site. Reading the black text on the top will indicate how high the resolution is set. If the text is chopped off compared to the current shot, you know the resolution was scaled back to accommodate the internet speed. Web Cameras have a Timeout after a period of time. You can simply click to start the stream again. We have to do this to keep costs of streaming in check. It does cost a lot to produce these streams and we have to pay by data used.

Stream interruptions can and do happen from time to time. Most cases are because the internet is too slow to collect the stream at the streaming server. But not always. Sometimes it is the internet at the viewer location, your location. The dynamics of the web cameras is very interesting as far as how much data it requires. It uses a Compression Technology to compress the video and the amount required is increased the there is a lot of change in the view. So if the wind is blowing or the image is very dynamic, it will use a lot more internet to send the image up to the streaming company. But the web cameras do go down, and when you are managing many cameras, there is always a few that need service.

The Time Lapse Player is a custom program we have developed to load the current images into a player. We by default load 245 images by default. You can re-run the program and select your own time window. You can control the player on the bottom after it loads. Forward backward player control. Speed of player control. Stop and start control. Step by Step Control. Look for the Time Lapse Player Button on the detail page of each web camera under More Information Colorado Springs Military Home Relocation